✔  Dark – 100% Merbau wood

✔  Light – 100% Rubber wood

✔  Height of 6 or 9 inches

✔  Great for posture

✔  Helps with digesting

✔  Resistant to fungus, bacteria, and mold

✔  Complete set with Rolly’s ‘feed me’ ceramic plate set

✔  Non-toxic


Rolly’s Dining Table is designed to have a healthy and comfortable meal for your dog. It is a perfect height for growing puppies to have a great posture while they are eating as well. Dogs can eat without bending their necks and reduces digestive problems. The dining tables come in 6 and 9 inches for different size dogs. Crafted in two different materials, one is made with Merbau wood, and the other is made with Rubber wood. Both are one of the toughest and most durable woods, and they are resistant to fungus, bacteria, and mold. Comes with one or two trays, the dining table can be completed or customized with Rolly’s ‘Feed Me’ Ceramic Plate set.