✔ Soft denim

✔ Star Pattern

✔ Pearl Ribbon

✔ Adjustable size w/ snapping buttons

✔ Easy to wear and take off

✔ Elastic edges for comfortable movement

✔ Matching couple look with Shining Star Overall



The Shining Star denim dress attracts everyone with its cuteness. This denim can be worn by itself, or styled with a matching T-shirt. Provided with a rich culture detail around the entire dress, it can be worn all year around. The hand-patched striped fabric increases its premium quality. Embroidered “ROLLY” at the belt line provides a more sophisticated visual to take your puppy around town. You can have a play date with a matching “Shining Star Overall”! The lace attached at the shoulder line, and double folded ribbon gives a beautiful style. The pearl jewelry is also focused to make this Shining Star dress so special.



- Separate hand washing is recommended, and when hand washing, turn the product over and wash it.

- All colors or denim except white color may be stained due to their characteristics.

- Do not use bleach or detergent containing bleach.

- Running the washing machine may please change the function to Hand wash or wool course.