Adorable bunny pattern

Removable Bib

Bunny embrollied detail

Elastic fabric for flexable size



The Bunny Pajama provides comfort for your dogs all year around! Whether your dog is in a mood for play time, or for a cozy nap, the PJ is enjoyable at all settings in your home. The elastic fabric is soft and stretchable to fit your puppy for a great fit! This fabric material is perfect for a pet who is getting adjusted to wearing clothes for the first time. There’s also a removable bib for your dog to keep their clothes clean while having their meal. This pajama is ideal for you and your puppy to snuggle together!



- Separate hand washing is recommended, and when hand washing, turn the product over and wash it.

- All colors or denim except white color may be stained due to their characteristics.

- Do not use bleach or detergent containing bleach.

- Running the washing machine may please change the function to Hand wash or wool course.